Polarbeardog’s “Guess my favorite characters” Promo!
  1. Korra (thelastflairbender)
  2. Aang (unbendable)
  3. Tenzin (mysteriouswarriorprince)
  4. Katara (bum-jun-lover)
  5. Cosima (logical-beauty)
  6. Sarah (mcganjagall)
  7. Daenerys (spearthesun) (bookish-adventurer)
  8. Arya (awildbankgeekappears)
  9. Finn (official-cindy-vortex)
  10. Hikaru (michaelxs)

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poor Jinora is gonna have to shave her head in order to get her tattoos though. I bet she won’t mind… but I totally would!

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Hey so I’m thinking of getting a new theme for this blog, because right now it’s just messing up and not really being easy to deal with. Does anyone have any suggestions for good places to get themes?

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A firebender and an earthbender battle it out in this visual effects filled fan short.

I think the reason Lin disliked Korra so much in the beginning is because Korra reminded her so much of her sister. Korra is around the same age as Suyin was back then, and they have a similar disregard for authority and a sassy attitude. 

I love how far back the issues with Lin go… all the way back to the first episode of the first season. I love this show <3

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Hi! I just wanted to say I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog! It's absolutely perfect! Do you know any awesome LoK artists? I'm looking for stuff for my room at university! Thank you!!

Thank you so much! I know a bunch, I’ll list my favorites!







Those are all I can think of right now, but there are so many good art blogs in t his fandom, they’re amazing!

Can I rant for a second?

It makes me so sad and angry to see people STILL shitting on Korra this season. Like seriously? Do you not understand how character progression goes? She has to actually have character flaws, (and not just something introduced in the first few episodes) she has to have real character flaws in order to progress and change for the better. 

And now that she basically has, you still hate on her? She gets mad at Lin for being mean to Opal? Of course she will! Because it wasn’t right, and she doesn’t know anything about how Lin was feeling because Lin wasn’t talking about it. And when Lin wasn’t feeling well, she stopped being angry and immediately started to be concerned for her. 

And then she helps Tenzin out by giving him some advice, which was pretty good if Tenzin didn’t go completely overboard with it. 

What do you all want from Korra? For her to change her entire personality from being strong, straight-forward, and kind to being laid back, diplomatic, and neutral?

Korra cares so much about almost everyone she meets. She’s innately kind and has a strong sense of duty towards being the Avatar. Although she makes mistakes, she recognizes them and then moves forward with her life… and that’s pretty amazing. 

My thought process about this is pretty all over the place with this… but it’s a rant so blah. I just love Korra and it makes me rage when fans of the show are so fucking shitty about her. 

I love this season of LOK so freaking much. And that’s coming from me… who’s loved every season so far. 

Yeaahhhh this might be an unpopular opinion but I really don’t like Henry Rollins as Zaheer’s voice actor. He’s just not that good, pretty crappy actually.

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So I saw this on facebook, and it’s a petition to get the Nickelodeon network to be more respectful of Legend of Korra and its fans by being more competent in release dates, airtime, handling, and scheduling. 

It probably won’t do much, but it’s worth signing since they only need a little under 300 signatures to reach their goal. 

And it’s being created by the same people that made Okami and Bayonetta, which are both beautiful and enjoyable games! A really good Avatar game for once.

Okay, so the Book 3 trailer got the most views of any video on Nickelodeon’s trailer. That’s a relief!