Where are you guys watching the episode? Because like half of it is muted for me on the stream and I don’t want to watch half of it :/

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This clip has left me reeling. Korra has been tormented by her past self in the Avatar State, wrapping her chains around her and hurting her. Korra feels constantly attacked by her identity as Avatar, because that’s all that people seem to care about (whether it’s positive or negative). Her identity is literally hurting Korra and she’s desperately trying to avoid it.

This entire episode… this entire season… is going to hurt so good.

Theory: Asami and Mako go with Prince Wu on the new train to Ba Sing Se, and they get ambushed by the enemy (possibly metal clan terrorists that want to get rid of the heir to the Earth Kingdom?). Mako and Asami proceed to fend off the attackers on the train in a really cool action scene on top of the train. 

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i don’t know how tattooing works in the avatar world but just comparing it to what i’ve heard about being tattooed in our world (i’m assuming it’s roughly the same until bryke says otherwise)

master airbenders are fucking HARDCORE to go through getting their entire body tattooed like that. man. i love air nomads

If you watch anything about how traditional tattoos are done, you’ll think they’re even more hardcore. Here’s a picture of a Buddhist Monk getting a tattoo. 

They use large pointy stick to press the ink into their flesh. Imagine what that would be like along your chi lines? Along your freaking spine and on your forehead? 

Pretty hardcore

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i don’t know which looks better but i am posting them both anyway.

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colour sketching dump

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Everyone Had Their Time to Shine! Optimism in the Face of the Tragic Book 3 Finale!


Without a doubt, the book 3 finale for Korra put a lot of people through tough emotions. However, at least every major character got their own time to shine in this two-part finale, so here’s a list of all of the great achievements that some of our beloved characters did in the two part finale!

Mako: Third time’s the charm! He finally was able to beat Ming Hua, even using the sorely missed sub-element, Lightningbending!

Bolin: Not only did he beat Ghazan, but he learned lavabending too! Kudos to you Bolin!

Asami: Now, not only was Asami Korra’s biggest emotional support from the two weeks after Korra’s face-off with the red lotus, she also took down one of the creepy poison people, and got Tenzin out of his shackles as well as other airbenders.

Korra: If surviving the poison wasn’t great enough, their was so much more she did too. She tried to stay out of the Avatar state as long as possible in order to protect the raava and the avatar cycle, she fought admirably and amazingly when her arms and legs were in chains, and with all of the amazing bending she did against Zaheer, Korra has a lot to be proud of.

Tenzin: Tenzin decides that the air nation should further the ideas of balance and harmony, by allowing the nomads to wander around the world, spreading peace all across the world, which even takes a load off of Korra’s plate! Also, this is huge because for the longest time Tenzin had been such a by-the-books airbender, but by deciding to let the air nomads travel around the world instead of being isolated, it shows how far Tenzin has come in terms of his own acceptance to change.

Lin: Sacrificing herself yet again in her fight with P’li in order to save Korra’s life? Check. I bet if you stared at Lin hard enough, you could find the definition of selflessness written all over her! :D

Suyin: Defeating P’li and extracting the poison out of Korra makes really accelerated my appreciation for her character. Now I feel bad thinking that she had something to do with the Red Lotus! 

Jinora: Jinora, uses her astral projection to inform the group about Korra’s condition, helps the airbenders escape by being apart of the plan to snatch the keys, coordinates the giant tornado which was essential for Korra’s ultimate victory over Zaheer, and rightfully earns her airbending tattoo’s by the end of the episode.

Kai: Without Kai, no one would have known where the Red Lotus had gone! He also befriends the lovable sky bison affectionately named “Lefty!”

Ikki: She is one of the first kids to make Korra get a faint smile after she is reduced to a wheelchair in the final scenes. Also, the way that Ikki asked if Korra would come to save everyone, really shows just how much Ikki admires Korra’s strength and willingness to protect others.

Meelo: He not only caught the keys which successfully allowed the air benders to escape, but he also playfully went on Korra’s lap when she was being wheeled into the temple, further helping lift Korra’s mood!

Kya and Bumi: Although they weren’t seen doing as much fighting as they did in the previous episode, it is clear to see with the remarks of the imprisoned air benders that Kya and Bumi were roughed up pretty brutally, which only furthers the notion that their efforts in the previous episodes were just as risky and valiant as it seemed.

Even some of the Red Lotus members had some sweet(ish) moments!

Zaheer: Saving P’li from being used as a “War Machine” is pretty good no matter how you look at it. Although she was later used as a war machine against team avatar. :p

Ghazan: Wasn’t it pretty sweet of him to compliment Bolin during their fight! I thought it was really sweet, and I think i’m going to miss Ghazan the most out of the Red Lotus, with Ming Hua being tied, or a close second. 

I hope this post might have turned some people’s opinion of the book 3 finale from being a awesomely sad finale, to a awesomely bittersweet finale! Thanks for reading!

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Korra and the Kids

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