This clip has left me reeling. Korra has been tormented by her past self in the Avatar State, wrapping her chains around her and hurting her. Korra feels constantly attacked by her identity as Avatar, because that’s all that people seem to care about (whether it’s positive or negative). Her identity is literally hurting Korra and she’s desperately trying to avoid it.

This entire episode… this entire season… is going to hurt so good.

Roar like a tigerdillo!

Day II - Fierce

Korra week


My respect for Tenzin has shot through the stratosphere. Mama raised a true warrior. That personality trait right there is from Katara. You can’t tell me otherwise. 

He stood as a champion of his people, just as Katara did time and time again on her journey.

Tenzin the protector
Tenzin the caretaker

<3 <3 <3

Red Lotus Communist AU: Zaheer and his comrades start a terrorist group to combat capitalism and the tyranny of corporations. 

What gives you the right to decide if someone is overreacting? Is making joking posts about how much you hate nickelodeon overreacting? Is voicing your frustration that your favorite show that is not only enjoyable but culturally influential is going off of television an overreaction? Because I don’t understand why people aren’t allowed to be angry about this. Sure we all watch online already, but we don’t only care about the tumblr fandom, but everyone else. I want new people to watch and fall in love with LOK. I want kids to discover this show and want to be just like Korra and save the world. I want little poc girls to see Korra and see themselves in media for a change. And now that its online, a huge part of the potential viewership is gone. 

It’s fine to look on the bright side, because yeah, the show wasn’t cancelled. But don’t try to minimize the loss of LOK from being on TV.

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wait hiatus what now?? You can answer privately i just this is the first i heard of anything.

There’s nothing solid right now. But what we know is that they rescheduled all the five of the remaining episodes except episode 8. This might mean that they’re going back down to 1 episode per week, but it also might mean that they’re having a hiatus. We don’t know at this point, but hopefully we’ll know by Friday at the very least

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why do you blatantly support legend of korra and the last airbender? it's CULTURAL APPROPRIATION for god's sake -_-

… Uh it’s not cultural appropriation because it’s not acting like it’s a caricature or demeaning any of the chinese lore that its influenced by. Just because a show has cultural influences doesn’t mean that it’s appropriating that culture.

The creators of ATLA/LOK put lots of time into researching the cultures that they used as inspiration for the show. All the Chinese characters in the show are actually real words that pertain to the subject (and they’re translated well). Also all of the architecture from the show can be traced back to particular time periods in Chinese history. You can see the endless evidence of this on this amazing blog: atla-annotated. It’s run by a chinese historian who not only translates what’s in the show but shows the cultural and historical relevance of many parts of the show. 

Also, I think you need a better understanding of what cultural appropriation is. It’s only truly appropriation if it implies a negative view towards the minority, and if it takes on another meaning than what it originally held. And ATLA/LOK do neither of those things. 

Cultural appropriation is the adoption of some specific elements of one culture by a different cultural group. It describes acculturation or assimilation, but can imply a negative view towards acculturation from a minority culture by a dominant culture.

These elements, once removed from their indigenous cultural contexts, can take on meanings that are significantly divergent from, or less nuanced than, those they originally held.

And added to all of this, many of the people that worked on ATLA are asian.

Polarbeardog’s “Guess my favorite characters” Promo!
  1. Korra (thelastflairbender)
  2. Aang (unbendable)
  3. Tenzin (mysteriouswarriorprince)
  4. Katara (bum-jun-lover)
  5. Cosima (logical-beauty)
  6. Sarah (mcganjagall)
  7. Daenerys (spearthesun) (bookish-adventurer)
  8. Arya (awildbankgeekappears)
  9. Finn (official-cindy-vortex)
  10. Hikaru (michaelxs)

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A firebender and an earthbender battle it out in this visual effects filled fan short.

I think the reason Lin disliked Korra so much in the beginning is because Korra reminded her so much of her sister. Korra is around the same age as Suyin was back then, and they have a similar disregard for authority and a sassy attitude. 

I love how far back the issues with Lin go… all the way back to the first episode of the first season. I love this show <3

Can I rant for a second?

It makes me so sad and angry to see people STILL shitting on Korra this season. Like seriously? Do you not understand how character progression goes? She has to actually have character flaws, (and not just something introduced in the first few episodes) she has to have real character flaws in order to progress and change for the better. 

And now that she basically has, you still hate on her? She gets mad at Lin for being mean to Opal? Of course she will! Because it wasn’t right, and she doesn’t know anything about how Lin was feeling because Lin wasn’t talking about it. And when Lin wasn’t feeling well, she stopped being angry and immediately started to be concerned for her. 

And then she helps Tenzin out by giving him some advice, which was pretty good if Tenzin didn’t go completely overboard with it. 

What do you all want from Korra? For her to change her entire personality from being strong, straight-forward, and kind to being laid back, diplomatic, and neutral?

Korra cares so much about almost everyone she meets. She’s innately kind and has a strong sense of duty towards being the Avatar. Although she makes mistakes, she recognizes them and then moves forward with her life… and that’s pretty amazing. 

My thought process about this is pretty all over the place with this… but it’s a rant so blah. I just love Korra and it makes me rage when fans of the show are so fucking shitty about her. 

I love this season of LOK so freaking much. And that’s coming from me… who’s loved every season so far.