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A young girl stood before a growing metropolis. Smoke and steam were billowing from the tall metal buildings. The swirls of smoke and mist drifted about the horizon, with the fire of the setting sun shining through it. She wiggled her toes in her warm polar- pigskin boots, feeling the metal…

If anyone wants to read my prediction fic for LOK back in 2011… here it is. Lol I thought of Tenzin as a mischievous character. My next chapter had Meelo in it as a streetrat kid who helped Korra out navigating the city. 

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lets-askeska sent: //Jesus Christ's name starts with a J. He is the Light. Jinora's name started with a J. She is also the Light. oh my g o d also please tag this--

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I can totally see Wan’s personality in all of his reincarnations. His boisterous playfulness, and his sense of justice and responsibility for everyone and everything around him. The only differences between the reincarnations is that they lived in different times, nations, and situations. But when you get down to who they truly are… They are the same rebellious person who wanted to keep peace and harmony in the world.

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Oh and for anyone confused about the origins of the elements, it seems to me that they got the elements from the lion turtles but learned how to properly use them from the air bisons, dragons, badger moles, and tides. And since history wasn’t kept well they all ended up believing that they got their powers from their teachers.

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Fan theory: Unalaq accidentally allowed Vaatu to become free and now he’s either trying to fix it or trying to help Vaatu.

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I find it really interesting that Korra only wants to be the Avatar. She believes that’s the most important thing ever, and that she’s determined to master the elements. She doesn’t think that any other want or wish is relevant. Unlike Aang who makes jewelry, helps animals, and loves to live life, she thinks that she should only care about being the Avatar. She entertains other wants, like a boyfriend and helping her family. But every time she does, her title as Avatar is somehow tarnished. Gah… I’m not sure if I’m being all that coherent…. But I really want Korra’s arc to be a realization that in order to be the best Avatar she can be, she has to live life. She can’t just be the Avatar. She has to be her own person, apart from her duties. Because that’s the only way she can make informed and reasoned decisions about the issues of the world. 

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Aang didn’t neglect his kids as badly as you’ve neglected punctuation, grammar and capitalization.

Look, my dad loves me and always has. He works in produce. My younger brother Ben works in produce, too, at the same company. My dad does a lot more stuff with Ben than he does with me, kinda because he has to. It doesn’t mean my dad was a bad father to me.

I’d say that scene is less about Aang being a bad father and more about Tenzin being oblivious to his privilege, but that’s just my opinion.

^ That’s what I got from the scene. That it was more about making Tenzin realize that they didn’t have a perfect childhood like he thought (and that’s pretty normal) and that he had a different experience with Aang than Kya and Bumi did. 

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There needs to be more Korra reaction gifs. I have a billion ATLA ones, but barely any Korra ones!

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I don’t think a lot of the people that are defending the criticism of lok have seen any of the actual hate. I would say that commentaries that question writing choices and characterization (with respect of course) is positive and constructive criticism. But posting that bryke are half assed and don’t have enough talent to write their own show is completely hate. That’s what I’m referring to when I talk about the hate in the fandom.

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Bullet Bending - A Legend of Korra Fan Film (Redux Edition)

Now featuring improved sound and visual effects!

Great submission!

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and it’s not even a ‘tenzin you were the favourite and you gotta acknowledge it’ situation. the way kya talks about aang sounds like serious resentment.

jfc why on earth have they chosen to go down this route, it’s so in tension with everything that was presented in atla about aang. he cries over other people’s kids. he knows what it’s like to feel excluded. he’s pretty much the personification of a guy that gives unconditional love. yet we’re supposed to believe he systemically fucked up his relationship with bumi and kya over decades? i understand the need to explore the siblings dynamic, but the way they are doing it just feels incredibly cheap. 

I think the answer to Aang “neglecting” his kids is that maybe Avatars weren’t really meant to have families. Their responsibility is to the world, and trying to have personal lives is too much. I wonder how Roku’s family ended up…

Aang had so many conflicting responsibilities. He had to rebuild the world after the 100 year war, create an entire nation (United Republic), deal with regular Avatar duties, rebuild the air nomad culture, and be a faithful father and husband. 

It’s a lot to do, and I think his “neglect” might not be as bad as the characters are making it out to be. There might be resentment, but I doubt Aang did anything too serious to the kids. Every family isn’t perfect, I think the issue is that Tenzin seems to think their family was, and Kya and Bumi are trying to tell him that that wasn’t the case. 

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It sucks that the fandom is not active now because I really want more reactions to the new clip. :((((

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