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I decided to re-upload this from the dark ages before I had photoshop

When I hear “great romance” I think “doin it all the time”

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Waterbending Appreciators Unite!

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I’m honestly surprised that this hasn’t been done yet

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The Factions of Avatar Shipping

Giancarlo Volpe(Storyboard Artist): There are two factions of people who go for the Aang/Katara pairing and then the Aang/Zuko-no. That’s not right! The Zuko/Katara pairing.

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Anonymous sent: Request?!? Your favorite Katara-Aang fan art picture?

Arg… I can’t think of them right now. There are so many of them that just break my little shipper heart. I don’t regularly save fanart onto my computer mainly because I won’t remember where its from… which is the case with this one fanart. 

But yeah look at what viria and burdge create beautiful kataang art. 

Here’s the one that’s randomly on my computer. 

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Poor Katara, her boyfriend is just so dreamy! Found on /co/

Poor Katara, her boyfriend is just so dreamy! Found on /co/

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Oh look! Meme’d again.


Oh look! Meme’d again.

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I really wish Bolin and Korra would get together (for reasons). 

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Reach by ~KimchiCrusader


Reach by ~KimchiCrusader

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Personally, my favorite Chakra.

Oh my god. Can I just say that this piece of music and the scene itself makes me cry every single time. It’s so beautiful, the way the cloud shapes of the air nomads morph into Katara and how Aang and Katara’s love represents so much more than just a cute teenage romance. It really is the love of all the air nomads reborn because guess what, because of Aang and Katara’s love, the airbender line continued and was saved from extinction. Ugh so many feelings. 

This. All my feelings. I just teared up. SLdkfja

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