My Accumulated Knowledge of Avatar: Legend of Korra

Spoilers ahead.

All pictures used in this post are actual pictures from Bryke and the show, no fan art. This information was put together from the comic-con panel, the trailer, and the leaked material. Any issues with credit, inbox me and I will credit you.

-Avatar Aang and Firelord Zuko turned the Fire Nation Colonies into a United Republic of benders and non-benders alike. Their capital city is called Republic City and that is the setting of series.

-So far we know that Katara is one of the few remaining main characters that are alive.

-Katara and Aang (kataang) had three children, the youngest was an airbender named Tenzin. Tenzin was the only airbender out of the three children. We’re not sure if the others were waterbenders or not anything at all.

-Tenzin has three children as well, with his non-bender wife Pema.

-They have Meelo, Jinora, and Ikki, and they are all airbenders. And Pema is pregnant with a fourth child.

-Jinora is the oldest and she is a bookworm.

-Ikki is most likely the middle child, and she talks really fast and is really fun and crazy.

-Meelo, is the youngest son, and we can expect he’s a little ball of energy.

-Tenzin is a very serious man, but when his kids are all going crazy, he loses his patience and the “zen master” side of him vanishes… and it’s apparently very funny.

-Korra seems to be very gifted from the very start, just mastering her third element at the age of 17 in the first episode

-Evidence from the leaked episode and a photo from the comic-con suggests that Korra could earthbend and firebend at an extremely young age.

-We are shown the avatar’s parents for the first time in the Avatar universe as well

-It appears from these screenshots that a group of men (White Lotus Members? Avatar monks?) come to talk to Korra’s parents about Korra being the avatar

-You see these three men together, of course older, in the scene when Korra demonstrates her firebending abilities.

-Korra is described as bubbly, charming, and hot-headed. And she currently seemed charming and fun-loving in the leaked clip

-Korra then goes to Republic City and will train with Tenzin and his family.

-She will get in some trouble with the metalbending police, more info below.

-She will also discover the Pro-bending fights. Teams of Water, Fire, and Earth Benders compete against each other in front of a big crowd in an arena

-This is most likely where Korra meets her two sidekicks.

-Mako and Bolin. Mako is the older brother that is a firebender, and Bolin is the younger one that is an earthbender. Bryke stated at comic-con that they were suckers for love triangles, which only means one thing for these two smitten brothers.

-Mako is brooding, but not quite to the extent that Zuko was.

-Bolin is goofy, and kind of naive. He is Bryke’s way of incorporating the original type of character they wanted for Toph.

-Korra’s best friend and Appa-like companion is Naga the polarbear dog.

-The Fire ferret (cross between a red panda and a black footed ferret), named Pabu. He’s Bolin’s pet.  

-Aang finds a herd of sky bison after the war and a new species of lemur.  

-The leader of the “Equalists” or the anti-benders, is called Oman

-The Equalists are Chi-blockers, and use the same techniques to stop bending that Ty Lee used.

-The Equalists are masked, and very steampunk esque.

-There are MetalBender Cops and they have metal cords in their uniforms to zip around the city and use to fight crime.

-Toph traveled the world to teach Metal Bending, and her daughter is the Chief of Police.

Oh and also the name of the first episode is “Welcome to Republic City” and the first season is called “Book One: Air”


Pabu the Fire Ferret from Korra

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Pabu the Fire Ferret by ~Jackie-lyn


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