I really like The Rift series so far. Toph family angst + Yangchen backstory + environmental/economic issues = really interesting story. I wasn’t really that into The Search, but this one is really great so far. 

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“Festivities”, day 6 of Korrasami Week.   korra and asami wear a qipao and yukata respectively to a lantern festival.  


Adventure Time with Fionna and Korra

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Why the movie is offensive: In Twelve Parts


Due to popular demand: All TWELVE PARTS

Part One:  Masterpost and Gibberish in the opening scene

Part Two: Kyoshi Island and Earthbenders

Part Three: Cut scene of unimaginable racist WTF

Part Four: ATLA is not King Arthur

Part Five: Fire Nation apologist: Movie vs. animated Agni Kai 

Part Six: The Fire Nation is not Rome, nor is it India.

Part Seven: The WTF that is Aunt Wu’s village

Part Eight: Northern Water Tribe vs Southern Water Tribe

Part Nine:
Shyamalan’s Dalai Lama - Avatar - Fire Nation Dilemma: The Savior

Part Ten: Family Portrait

Part Eleven: Have some more gibberish

Part Twelve: Victim Blaming


I will never give up.


The Factions of Avatar Shipping

Giancarlo Volpe(Storyboard Artist): There are two factions of people who go for the Aang/Katara pairing and then the Aang/Zuko-no. That’s not right! The Zuko/Katara pairing.


I really hope that because Korra has become more spiritual and that she has a lot of interaction with Aang next season.




what the hell even happens to korra’s ponytail here

did it just

i- what

oh my god