This actually took me a while to make.

I was thinking of the whole Jinoochy relationship, and how Tenzin wouldn’t approve.

After all, Jinora is a well-behaved daughter of a councilman.

Skoochy is a skeevy, homeless-boy.

So, I started to think:

Tenzin - Simba

Jinora - Kiara

Skoochy - Kovu



Design based off of this cover:


Oh. My. God.




Downloaded the HD Legend of Korra premiere from iTunes (quality is AMAZING) and did various gesture/painting studies from the first episode. 

I have a feeling I’ll be drawing from this show a lot. 


So I get in the sketching kind of mood at like, eleven at night. Which is great and all…just not conducive to sleep.


A bit dated but hey second place against SNL it tops in my book!

Oh my gosh, I’m so proud! :’]


Korra and Mako (c) Legend of Korra


I’m going to REALLY like this show

Nickelodeon Exec on the Legend of Korra leaks


Has Nick ever considered using viral marketing techniques? I’m asking because many people now suspect that Nickelodeon, or an employee thereof, is responsible for the recent flood of Korra-related leaked clips and screenshots. If not, how do you usually handle leakers?

I don’t know if the company has any plans in place or in the future but I do know that we are involved in social media and are always going to have to adjust to how people hear about or receive our stuff.

With that said, no the leaks were not intended. People who steal stuff and go against the wishes of the creators by posting stuff are scum. The world does not belong to you (one) just because you think it does and it hurts people even if you don’t think it does. How we track people and deal with them I probably shouldn’t say…other than “hopefully harshly”.

How do you guys feel about the Legend of Korra leaks around those parts?

I answered this elsewhere. I’m not a fan. I mean I know it has been forever since the last series and people are excited but it is still wrong. It screws a lot of people out of their hard work and is damaging in many ways.

I was very happy with all of the positive feedback it got, if anything good came out of it. There was very little negative feedback which is good…but I didn’t expect there would be as it is awesome.

Whoops, sorry I didn’t see that last one. If I could ask a followup, why hasn’t Nick gotten to them yet? He’s not being very smart about the leaks, with watermarks for his website everywhere.

It is in process. But once something “gets out” there really is no stopping it. I’m hopeful that he will stay true to his word and not release the entire episode, but…