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Tenzin’s Fear

I love the second shot, and it took me a while to capture the image. It’s when his eyes shift to the side when he declares that only The Avatar has possessed the ability to rob another of his Bending powers. It’s an expression of uncertainty…is there some hidden tidbit he refuses to reveal? Does he know something we don’t?

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Tenzin taught his children how to do the Air Scooter; a form of ground transportation invented by Aang himself, is a spherical “ball” of air that can be ridden balancing on it like a top. An airbender is declared a Master once he/she has fully mastered the 36 tiers of airbending and/or when he/she creates a new airbending technique; Aang was the exception in this case, since he mastered only 35 tiers and made a new move, The Air Scooter. 

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Air Temple Island is the primary residence of Tenzin and his family, located off the coast of Republic City. The temple was originally built by Avatar Aang himself. 

The temple is described as a “sanctuary” by Michael Dante DiMartino.

I hope when there are a lot of Air Nomads, they will all occupy the other Air Temples :) 

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