In our arduous anticipation of Legend of Korra Book 2… we have been given very little information or pictures of the new season, except for Comic-Con. There we got a bunch of pictures of the characters’ new clothes, some new characters, and many landscape paintings for the new setting of the show in the Southern Water Tribe. We even got a small animated line short (Bolin trying to make his own pro-bending team, Mako on a motorcycle, Asami talking business, and Korra playing with the airbabies and fighting a spirit). But I feel like we should focus more on these bits of information, just so we don’t let the fandom die. 

I think these particular pictures are amazing and I haven’t really seen them analyzed before. I’m really excited that the krew will be venturing into the depths of the South Pole, considering the gaang only stayed there for an episode. 

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