Yeah, I know. This photo is stupid. Ironic B-boy posturing is rarely amusing to me, but I came back from color correction to find the studio empty, closed early for Memorial Day weekend. I put this hat on Kevin Coppa’s puppet, and one thing led to another…


–Sorry, it is true that there is no new episode airing this weekend. But a new Korra will be on next Saturday, June 2nd. And it’s a doozy. A REAL DOOZY. In the meantime, wanted me to let you all know they made a playlist where you can watch the first seven episodes online, in case you need to catch up, or convert friends, family, babysitters, family pets, etc. Here’s the link:

–As some of you may know, Korra has been the number one show with teen audiences in the U.S. for some of these first seven episodes. As previously mentioned, I don’t put too much stock in ratings, but this is mind-blowing to me. How is a Saturday morning “cartoon” beating out prime time network shows like American Idol, Glee, The Voice, and Family Guy with teen audiences? We’re all surprised, honored, and baffled. My guess is that the 12-year-olds who were growing up on Avatar are now 16-year-olds, and Korra has sort of aged up right along with them. Whatever the reason, thanks!

–Mike and I love you guys, but we don’t take requests. We make the best show we can, telling the stories we want to tell, and then we put it out there in the world. By the time you guys see it and have “all the feels” and/or get all mad at stuff, we are working on something far, far ahead of that. It may not always go the way you want it to, but at least it is honest art, straight from our hearts. And a lot of these reactions may turn out to be knee-jerk ones in the long run, once you see where the stories and characters go. I’d rather do that than make some watered down “design by committee” thing that attempted to please everyone. If it were up to the majority of the audience, we’d probably have a show where Tahno and the Cabbage Merchant play beach games on Ember Island for 500 episodes… In short, as you guys say, I REGRET NOTHING.

This is funny, but it never happened. I’m vegan.

–And lastly, my favorite quote from Mike this week, commenting on a cool, momentous shot from the Book 1 finale, addressing the whole fandom: “GIF that and put it on yer Tumblr.” HA!

Have a great, long weekend!



EDIT: The Avatar finale aired in 2008, and Korra premiered in 2012. 4 years. 12 + 4 = 16. That’s what I meant. Christie, my assistant designer, was 18 when the finale aired. And now she is 22, and she works on Korra. And she is an awesome artist. Man, that makes me (and many others on the crew) feel old!