Makorra - Cheering up Korra

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Leave me, my heart is dead for all to see
Can you see?
You all say I’ve crossed a line,
But the sad fact is I’ve lost my mind (X)

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Avatar + Tropes


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You’re a lavabender!
I know… I just found out…

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I actually found it rather upsetting seeing such a vibrant, energetic and strong character in a wheelchair with obvious depression, in a way the it kind of hit close to home.

Finale messed me up bro.

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theodoesart ASKED →

ok i got to see the finale so discard my last ask. but that finale wow i never would have expected that ending it hit so many notes i was surprised we got the ending we got. book 1 and 2 were happy endings that had a clear cut happy tone while this you felt happy and sad and other feelings. and to me thats a really hard balance to have especially on this type of show. my only bummer was i kinda wanted zaheer to die.

Yeah I know! It was a breathtaking and realistic finale. But yeah, Zaheer dying would have been a bit more final. 

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Everyone in lok is so much better than me because if i was Suyin and bended the poison out of korra, i would have bended it into Zaheer. Jail just isnt good enough for me. I mean he has already escaped one time...

Wow, that would have been pretty intense and cruel!

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ohsopabulous ASKED →

Do you think Nick do their bad LOK marketing in purpose so that they can use the 'low-rating' as an excuse to stop airing it on TV? because I start to think that the actual reason is the death/violence/scary scenes. Those kind of scenes increase dramatically after they stop airing it on TV

I mean… it seems like that. But I honestly think they’re just really stupid. They were really stupid with ATLA too. 

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fans during book 1: awww doesn't Jinora look kinda like Aang? That's really cute
fans during book 3: bruh....
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1. Disney, take note. Female characters don’t always have to be pretty.

2. Even if Korrasami will never happen in canon, they’re giving us plenty to work with without going into the realm of queer baiting.

3. I never expected they’d let a female character go bald and have tattoos. Bravo. Bra fucking vo. Also: so Aang.

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