your otp picking out matching wedding bands

your otp arguing over potential baby names

your otp grumbling about getting up early to walk the dog

your otp playfully hip-checking each other while making dinner

your otp being domestic cuties



It’s so hard to deal with this 3 year time skip because in reality i still haven’t accepted the 70+ year time skip after atla


IGN has the first two minutes from Book 4 online and a lot has changed in those past three years!

Check it out

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I was actually hoping Rohan would be a water bender! It skips generations, so I thought that would be really cool. But he is only 3ish so whatever. As long as he is as cute as Meelo was :)

Hehe, that would be interesting! Though I figure he’d be wearing waterbending-type clothes if he was. 

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Lefty was the baby bison Kai was riding :)

Oooohhh! Sorry, I totally forgot. I haven’t rewatched Book 3 yet. 

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The Air Family - 3 Years Later


A wee fan doodle, as I’m still not entirely over that finale. Jinora was completely adorable in that final scene with her shaved head and new tats. Spitting image of her granddad.

Book three was by far the strongest season of the series, and I love that it ended on such a downer. It’s easy to have a character walk away from their epic showdown with no lasting repercussions, ready for their next bout. Korra’s injuries — and more importantly, the profound, debilitating depression that came with her loss of identity — call for a long recovery, and I can’t wait to see where her character goes from here.


okay but let’s be real:

there is very likely homophobia in the avatar world. what if asami and korra have been dating but because of their public images they’ve had to keep it quiet? and asami is constantly approached by these jerks like prince wu, but she can’t do anything about it. she can’t tell them that she’s already found the love of her life. because she’s afraid.

and mako knows this and is really sympathetic and tries to help get the jerks to leave asami alone. but it’s still totally fucked.

but by the end of the series korra and asami both manage to just say fuck it and let the world know that they’re together, and are going to marry.

now that’s a season that can be shown on teennick with pride.

Legend of Korra | Book 4: Balance