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They said Korra would be put on sites LIKE Amazon, Nick, and Amazon. So are those only ones? Or are putting them on Netflix too? Because sites LIKE those is kinda ambiguous as whether those are only sites or if they're putting them on similar sites to the ones mentioned.

Yeah I think they’re only doing, Amazon, and Hulu. They wouldn’t put them on Netflix because there are some bad relations between Viacom (Nickelodeon’s boss basically) and Netflix. 

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This Friday the 25th at 2:15 PM EDT will be Korra’s SDCC Panel. While DF will not be at Comic-Con, as I have done every year I will be posting all info from the panel on this account. It will be an intense hour of reblogs, posting tweets, and posting info from website liveblogs, and will result in all the info from the panel appearing very fast on this blog.

They will likely be showing episode 8 at the panel, which will air later that night. I don’t think I will be able to differentiate between info on the episode and info from the rest of the panel, so I think I’m just going to post everything. If you don’t want details of the episode, I will be tagging them with “KORRA SPOILERS”.

Korra’s Comic-Con panel is tomorrow at 2:15 PM EDT // 11:15 PM PDT and with all the recent news, it looks to be explosive! Follow this account as I synthesize all the info as fast as humanly possible during the panel.


That korranation post has such a tone of hysteria to it, like “Haha…ha…ha…this is such great news! Right?!?! I mean right guys?! It’s GREAT!!!JUST GREAT!!!!!!!!IT’S GREAT, OK?!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA1!!

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whats pissing me off is they said they're going to put all lok episodes on their site tomorrow..???????? WHAT. THATS WHAT WE WANTED, AND ITUNES, BUT YOU DIDNT HAVE TO TAKE IT OFF TV TO DO SO. I SWEAR TO GOD WHO RUNS NICK??

I have no idea what is running through their minds, but it honestly sucks so much. 

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