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book 3 finale 

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Korra Book 3 Finale


So I’ve remained pretty quiet this Book with the hype, but let me tell you THIS FINALE IS A


So prepare yourselves…


Reminder that Amazon and Google Play may get tomorrow’s episode early again.

Therefore, the internet may not be a spoiler-free zone when you wake up tomorrow morning.

If you have tracked Korra tags, you may want to either blacklist them or remove them until you have watched the finale. I will, personally, be keeping my blog as spoiler-free as possible until the evening, but the point is, beware. Be safe. Be careful.


if tenzin dies will there be a new narrator for the opening of lok?

or will we have to hear tenzin’s voice and know hes dead…

Ba Sing Se in flames.


Korra and Asami + Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins quotes, part two [x]